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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNoWriMo - progress

I haven't touched my NaNo effort since week 1.  The last time I was writing it, I decided that I wanted to do lots of revision before continuing.  At that stage the total was around 6300 words.

I found this blog post yesterday, and there is lots of helpful advice.  I think I have done the right thing in staying away from my manuscript.

Although yesterday the creative muse got me, and I felt like adding to my story.  At the end of yesterday I had 7878 words.  I put the brakes on then.

When I stopped for today the word count had reached 9022 words.

I had realised that one reason why I had slowed right down is that I hadn't done much plotting, and I think that I would have felt much better if I had done more plotting and developing of my story arc.  When I read Talli Roland's post on Saturday, I thought 'yes', I must be someone who needs to plot.


  1. Thanks for reading my post!

    I've tried not plotting, and it doesn't work for me. I don't plot now in detail, but I need to know where I'm driving to. I've been facing some difficulty with my current WiP, because I didn't know 100 per cent where the plot was going - it seems to be deviating from my plan! It's taking me longer to write, for sure.

  2. Talli, I love your blog and go off to read your other posts in the blogosphere as well. I look forward to reading your next WiP. I need to get organised and read 'Build a Man'!