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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Classics challenge for 2012

This morning I found a blog post over at November's Autumn, courtesy of another blog that I follow I am alive.  I set myself a challenge to read all of Jane Austen's books after reading the Jane Austen book club.  That hasn't happened yet (the reading of all of Jane Austen's books), so I thought this is the perfect excuse to read other classics.

The Challenge

Read seven works of Classic Literature in 2012
Only three of the seven may be re-reads

 Here are my choices:

'Odyssey' - by Homer.  It is sitting on my bookshelf and hasn't been read in full, and I bought it while I was at university studying Ancient History.

'Romeo and Juliet' - by William Shakespeare.  A re-read from high school.

'Northanger Abbey' - by Jane Austen.  I have never read this one.

'Mansfield Park' - by Jane Austen.  I have never read this one.

'The Secret Garden' - by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  I have never read this one, and have always wanted to.

'Cranford' by Elizabeth Gaskell.  One I haven't read yet.

'Picture of Dorian Gray' - Oscar Wilde.  

It wasn't easy to narrow it down to seven books.  I could have decided to fill up most of the list with Jane Austen, but I thought for the sake of variety, some different ones, would be a good idea.


  1. I am going to resist the temptation to join any challenges for 2012, that is the plan anyway, but you never know. This sounds a good one though Cathy, but I would not want to choose the titles in advance. I like the list you have chosen, especially the two by Jane Austen, Cranford and The Secret Garden. I think your daughter will also like SG if she has not read it yet.

  2. Probably a wise decision not to join any challenges. I think that my daughter may also like the Secret Garden, but I will not pressure her to read it as well. If I can it would be nice to read a classic for each of the 12 months - but I am not committing to that!

  3. I've been avoiding blog and reading challenges lately, too much risk of setting myself up for failure, but this one sounds rather lovely and quite manageable!

    I loved The Secret Garden as a kid, it's a while since I read it but it stood re-reading as an adult pretty well I think. The kids quite enjoyed watching the movie but I haven't managed to get any of them to read it.

    Mansfield Park is the only Austen I haven't read - I've started it several times and always get stuck around the home theatre scene. One day though!

    I've been meaning to re-read Dorian Grey, but first I'm going to get stuck into The Importance of Being Earnest again. Not only are we going to be seeing the production with Geoffrey Rush as Lady Bracknell, the drama group at the high school that Caitlin goes to is doing it. She auditioned for the part of Cecily :-)

  4. Good luck with the challenge, would like to join you but I know it would be a false start.
    Love the quote on the top of the page!

  5. Hi Mim. I quite enjoyed watching the film as well! That is so cool about Caitlin auditioning for the part of Cecily. I would love to see Geoffrey Rush live in a theatre. I hope you enjoy yourselves.

    @ Maria. Thanks - which quote was that? They keep changing!